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A Collection of 20+ Christmas Origami Models


Let’s just skip over the part where I talk about how I abandoned and ignored this blog for a whole year and go right to the part where I talk about origami. 🙂 Like last year, I wanted to document and share the origami decorations I made for the holidays. If you realise at the last minute that you need decorations for the holidays, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to make some of these great models and add some extra cheer to your holidays! Let’s get started on the origami currently adorning our walls and tables.

Below the photos I’ve provided links to tutorials as far as I could.





Mandala Carladiagram

Navigator Star (spiral version) – diagram

Robin Stardiagram

Origami Crane Wreathvideo

Six Point Star, designed by Darren Scott, from a book called Everything Origami (ISBN: 978-1-7418-2587-9)

Star Coronadiagram


Christmas Wreathtutorial // video


Eifel Stardiagram // video


Omega Starvideo

Guarnieri Double Christmas Treediagram // tutorial

Guarnieri Fir Treecrease pattern // video (This model is guaranteed to be a show-stopper piece!)

Origami Carambola by Carmen Sprung – diagram // video

Hexagonal Box, from a book called The Origami Artist’s Bible by Ashley Wood (ISBN: 978-0-7858-2496-1)

Double-locked spiral square box by Tomoko Fuse

Christmas Tree by Rae Cooker and Makoto Yamaguchi – tutorial (This model and its trimmings was the feature of last year’s holiday post.

Pandora’s boxvideo

3D butterfly variation of Akira Yoshizawa’s classic design by Maria Sinayskaya – tutorial


Modular braided wreathtutorial


Fireworksvideo (Besides being one of the most amazing origami action models I have ever seen, Fireworks also makes a great decoration for an unlit candle. Seriously, don’t light that candle, besides making a horrible mess, it’s a fire risk. No pun intended. 😛 )


Talitha Stardiagram


Chandelle Kusudamadiagram


Star Sonobevideo

Little Roses Kusudamadiagram

I hope you found this post helpful… and Happy Holidays! 🙂



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9 thoughts on “A Collection of 20+ Christmas Origami Models

  1. Reblogged this on A Beginner and commented:
    This is too AWESOME!!!
    Reblogging for ORIGAMI lovers!!! 🙂
    Thanks Elana!

  2. Love it!! awesome! ^_^

  3. Beautiful and excellent.
    I wish I had enough free time to practice any of these but our midterms are still going on.

    • Thanks! I made quite a lot of these when I should have been studying for exams. The more stressed I am, the more origami I make. It’s my meditation. 🙂

  4. I tried to make the Talitha star but can’t figure out how to put all the pieces together. I can put three together as shown, so I have ten groups of three interlocked units each . . . but what now? Can you help me?

    • Sure! Making a kusudama is a little like building a 3D puzzle.
      You take one of those groups of three units and then you attach two more units to one of the flaps. (You’ll have two pointy bits that are like siamese twins – they share a middle unit.) Then you add two more, working in a circle, until you have used nine units. The tenth one will then attach the last one and the first one, completing the circle/pentagram.
      Also, this is really hard to explain in words, so here’s a quick diagram I drew. I hope this helps. If not, I can probably take pictures of the steps. I have so many kusudamas, I can easily take one apart and rebuild it. 🙂

  5. Its very creative and I specially like the Christmas tree origami design. How about a step by step guide made exclusive for that?

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